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Jilted Duet, Book 1

Title: Duplicity

Series: Jilted Duet

Author: S.M. Shade

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: October 21, 2018


The world famous lead singer of the hard rock group, Jilted, has moved into the Presidential Suite of my hotel. His reputation precedes him and none of it is positive. Considering his past exploits, drunken fights, and fondness for destroying hotel rooms, I don’t expect the next four months to be easy. For the sake of Foxhaven Resort, I’m going to make it work. Hosting an A-list celebrity will draw affluent guests and solidify the future success of the resort recently left to me by my late father.

I have enormous shoes to fill and no rude, womanizing rock god is going to distract me. With his powerful voice, gorgeous face, and lean body, he may be accustomed to getting his way, especially with women, but I know better.


So, he can flash that charming smile in another direction.


I’m not falling for it.

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