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Rock Star, Unbroken
Tragic Duet, Book 2

Title: Rock Star, Unbroken

Series: Tragic Duet

Author: S.M. Shade

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: February 20, 2020


Book 2 of the Tragic Duet. The conclusion of Axton's and Naomi 's story. 



I knew better and I let it happen anyway.
I was drawn in by her kindness and the way she sees into people. The way she looks through their motivations, their fears, into the heart of them where the good waits. One glance and she’s stripped away the layers we wrap ourselves in to keep from being unique.
She saw into me.
Then used it to her advantage.
Now, my son is in danger and if she’s behind it, there won’t be a hole deep enough for her to hide in.
I broke my own rules for Naomi.
My son will not pay the price.


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