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In Safe Hands Book 4

Title: Tucker

Series: In Safe Hands

Author: S.M. Shade

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: July 30, 2017




She’s beautiful.She’s young.She’s driving me out of my mind.I’ve always done my best to avoid Leah Bolt. I have enough problems without having to deal with a young woman with a crush. My life has been a disaster since I was court-martialed and dishonorably discharged from the military. After spending a year living on the streets, I’m finally starting to pull things together.Now, I’m stuck with her, living side by side in my house with my complete opposite. If spending every day with this peppy, optimistic, energetic woman doesn’t kill me, her brother will. Dare is a friend and a member of In Safe Hands, a group that tracks down sexual predators and brings them to justice. He has also done time and is the size of a mountain.I’ve survived combat, but I may be taken down by a perky blond.




He’s gorgeous.He’s older.He’s a stubborn, broody jerk.Tucker Long is every woman’s dream…until you talk to him. He may be sexy when he’s out sweating in the sun with sawdust clinging to him as he hammers and saws, but try to hold a conversation and all you get are grunts and nods.He was the one who wanted a house sitter and just because his plans fell through doesn’t mean I’m changing mine. My future is up in the air while I try to decide who I want to be, and Tucker’s farm is the perfect place for me to do it. He calls me kid, but the way he looks at me doesn’t lie.I may be ten years younger, but I can still handle him.

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